Ukrainian women as a phenomenon. Where to meet and how to attract

There is such an English book “Why I do not have a girlfriend”. It contains a mathematical justification why a guy does not have a girlfriend. It says that among 20 million living in London, there are only 20 that would be a perfect match for you. However, among these 20, you need to select those who like you. This is a very difficult moment, because it may happen that nobody of these 20 likes you. Therefore, it is very simple to be without a girlfriend in London. However, in Ukraine, it is almost impossible to have no girlfriend.

The man from other countries make their choice, and no words are needed to prove the superiority of our girls. Men come to spend time with Ukrainian ladies — with some, only a day or two, and some remain together forever and ever. On the contrary, nobody wants Ukrainian men, even for one night.

During the European Football Championship, when Ukraine and Poland hosted the event, foreign citizens complained that our girls only know how to flirt looking into your eyes, but they are not capable of doing more. The men did not understand why this was happening. All that was because Ukrainian women do not know foreign languages and therefore cannot communicate. Otherwise, they would not only talk but to try to build some kind of relationships and maybe even a home, somewhere near Stockholm.

Ukrainian beauties during the Miss Ukraine Сontest

If you analyze, you will understand that Portugal is full of Ukrainian weavers, Italy has many Ukrainian cleaners and nurses, and New York is a home for many Ukrainian models. Ukrainian women can do everything and they will survive anywhere. Our women could be engaged in development of computer games and aviation; the IQ of our people is no worse and even better than, say, the Jews have.

However, social mobility of Ukrainians is very limited. The system opposes the linguistic education of our women. Otherwise, the excess of brides rushes to where there is not have enough.

This is a generally recognized fact that Ukrainian ladies are 2 or even 3 times more beautiful and interesting compared to Europeans or Americans (we do not want to offend anyone). They always take care about their looks, go in for sports, dress beautifully and have beautiful face and body. It may even seem that our ladies are ready to learn English, but be careful, it is deceptive.

Pure Ukrainian beauty in traditional embroidery

Concerning the rumors that are spread around the world about Ukrainian women: a decent Ukrainian lady will not go to your bed in the very first evening! On the contrary, this is emancipated women in the west that may be the first to offer: “You show me what you have got, right here and right now, today.” Ukrainian woman cannot go to your bed straight from the bar. Her thoughts would be something like this: “What if relations will develop? He will think I am a slut.” That is, she has a complex a priori. After all, this is part of the complex, and not part of morality. Ukrainian lady would go to bed with pleasure; but she knows afterwards she pays too big price for that.

Today, Ukrainian women have accepted the rules of the game and are engaged in “cannibalism”; that is, they compete with each other inside the system instead of leaving and demonstrating themselves where they are needed.

Here’s how the famous American blogger Roosh V writes about Ukrainian women:

“In my opinion, Ukrainian women are the most feminine women in the world! Realizing what most men like, even the girls with most usual looks pay maximum attention to their appearance: they go to the gym, try various diets, dance, wear skirts and heels and always use makeup. Their skin and teeth are from being perfect, but most of them have learned to mask their shortcomings; in everyday life, they look like stars. But! Some of them have false eyebrows, huge eyelashes and nails, so that sometimes they look like transsexuals. Ukrainian women are educated; many of them have high school diploma and they strive to get a second one. However, they practically do not care about their inner world and personality development, alas. More tend to meet the expectations of men rather than their own. It is absolutely clear that the shortcomings of Ukrainian women are generated by their fellow-men — aggressive, stingy and mostly interested in appearance, not personality. If compared to girls from Russia, Ukrainian ladies are psychologically different: Ukrainians lack imperial confidence, but have a complex of “small Ukraine”.

According to Roosh V, the fundamental differences between American and Ukrainian women in the choice of a sexual partner are as follows:

American: Just upon acquaintance, asks: “What do you do for living?”

Ukrainian: “What is the purpose of your visit to Ukraine?”

American: Asks you to buy her a drink

Ukrainian: Expects you to buy her a drink without asking

American: Wears slippers — because it is convenient

Ukrainian: Wears high heels — because men like it

American: Twenty pounds overweight

Ukrainian: Five pounds underweight

American: Looking for stable job and making a career

Ukrainian: Looking for stable husband

American: Chatterbox

Ukrainian: Not talkative

American: Hates make-up

Ukrainian: Makes up like a high class makeup artist

American: False relationships

Ukrainian: False eyelashes, nails, sometimes eyebrows

American: Obsessed with celebrities

Ukrainian: Obsessed with money

American: Has sex for three hours

Ukrainian: Has sex on third date

American: Knows how to warm up chicken nuggets

Ukrainian: Knows recipes of many meals — from her granny

American: Cumbersome as rugby player

Ukrainian: Miniature, just like the girl should be

American: You must deceive her to sleep with her

Ukrainian: You must logically convince her of the benefits of having sex

American: In bed, she pretends to be a porn star

Ukrainian: In bed, she pretends to be a virgin

American: Complains of a shortage of good men

Ukrainian: Complains that you do not buy her flowers

American: Obsessed with Apple

Ukrainian: Obsessed with Apple

American: Feels uncomfortable in silence

Ukrainian: Feels uncomfortable with excess chatter

American: Considers you as a colleague

Ukrainian: Considers you as the master of her life

American: After the first sex, the attitude towards you worsens

Ukrainian: After the first sex, the attitude towards you gets much better

American: Did not go anywhere but thinks she knows the whole world

Ukrainian: Did not go anywhere and has complexes about it

American: Goes to supermarket wearing pajamas

Ukrainian: Goes to supermarket wearing mini-skirt

American: She boasts that she had sex with a black guy, so as not to look racist

Ukrainian: Will never tell she had sex with a black guy

American: She dresses like a bum though she has enough money

Ukrainian: She dresses flashy, although she has no money

American: Considers a man as a women hater with undeserved privileges in society

Ukrainian: Considers a man as a bridge to a better life

American: Believes everything you tell her

Ukrainian: Walking lie detector

American: Pretendıng to be strong and independent

Ukrainian: Does not hide she is weak and fragile

American: Boasts she meets several guys at the same time

Ukrainian: Boasts of expensive gifts from men

American: Is sure that lawyers are boring

Ukrainian: Considers lawyers to be real men and worthy candidates as husbands

American: To attract men, goes to the nıghtclubs twıce a week

Ukrainian: Goes to the club once a month, because she cannot afford going more often

American: Expert in posıng to a webcam

Ukrainian: Expert in sexual posing in eerie parks

American: Believes that for happiness you need casual sex and free contraceptives

Ukrainian: Considers marriage a necessary condition for happiness

American: Sleeps with those who drive her

Ukrainian: Sleeps with those who can improve her life

American: Perfect man: witty, spontaneous, interesting, great comedian

Ukrainian: Does not key into personality, while a man has money

Having understood the mentality, desires and character of Ukrainian women, you will find the right keys to charm them. However, the other issue arising is where you can meet the right ladies.

For one-time pleasures, do not bother much — Buddha Bar Kiev or Shooters are full of women of easy virtue. Prostitutes casting, red eyes and hangover the next morning is what you get for granted.

Places to meet Ukrainian girls in Kiev (Kyiv)

However, if you are one of those who come to Ukraine in search of true love (unfortunately, most of such men search only in the nightclubs), read, remember and follow the text below — the list of cherished places you need.

1. Coffee and pastry shops

The ratio of women and men is 10:1. Potential objects are at the distance of croissant, and all you need to start a conversation is to ask for sugar.

2. Exhibitions, galleries, master classes

Any topic, except for IT and knitting would be fine. Young ladies with glowing eyes, striving for self-improvement and cultural rest — this is much better that drunk juveniles from the disco.

3. Concerts and festivals

Maximum level of excitement from seeing a favorite star or spontaneous shopping has already been achieved; all you have to do is redirect this energy into the right channel.

4. Odessa

Just wait for May. From May to September, every day in Odessa is a real beauty parade. People get acquainted in the streets.

5. Facebook

Well, here everything is clear.

We wish everyone to find his or her soul mate!

To know more about Ukrainian girls, ask our locals, who are also girls and can share some insights and tips. And don’t hesitate to book our Sightseeing Kiev Tours!

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