Ukrainian women as a phenomenon. Where to meet and how to attract

Here’s how the famous American blogger Roosh V writes about Ukrainian women:

“In my opinion, Ukrainian women are the most feminine women in the world! Realizing what most men like, even the girls with most usual looks pay maximum attention to their appearance: they go to the gym, try various diets, dance, wear skirts and heels and always use makeup. Their skin and teeth are from being perfect, but most of them have learned to mask their shortcomings; in everyday life, they look like stars. But! Some of them have false eyebrows, huge eyelashes and nails, so that sometimes they look like transsexuals. Ukrainian women are educated; many of them have high school diploma and they strive to get a second one. However, they practically do not care about their inner world and personality development, alas. More tend to meet the expectations of men rather than their own. It is absolutely clear that the shortcomings of Ukrainian women are generated by their fellow-men — aggressive, stingy and mostly interested in appearance, not personality. If compared to girls from Russia, Ukrainian ladies are psychologically different: Ukrainians lack imperial confidence, but have a complex of “small Ukraine”.

Places to meet Ukrainian girls in Kiev (Kyiv)

However, if you are one of those who come to Ukraine in search of true love (unfortunately, most of such men search only in the nightclubs), read, remember and follow the text below — the list of cherished places you need.

1. Coffee and pastry shops

The ratio of women and men is 10:1. Potential objects are at the distance of croissant, and all you need to start a conversation is to ask for sugar.

2. Exhibitions, galleries, master classes

Any topic, except for IT and knitting would be fine. Young ladies with glowing eyes, striving for self-improvement and cultural rest — this is much better that drunk juveniles from the disco.

3. Concerts and festivals

Maximum level of excitement from seeing a favorite star or spontaneous shopping has already been achieved; all you have to do is redirect this energy into the right channel.

4. Odessa

Just wait for May. From May to September, every day in Odessa is a real beauty parade. People get acquainted in the streets.

5. Facebook

Well, here everything is clear.



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