Tourism in Ukraine after Covid-19

The main tourist post-viral trend is travel within the country and in small groups

This is where Ukraine receives a second after 2014 chance to develop domestic tourism. Has it changed in the last 5 years? On the one hand, yes. Many new interesting routes appeared, a whole galaxy of bright guides grew up, and even new hotels were built. Tourism is developing rapidly in the cities — Vinnitsa, Lutsk, Uzhgorod and Chernivtsi are snapping at the heels of recognized leaders such as Odessa, Lviv and Kyiv. Over the past 3 years, we have substantially repaired the roads, especially in the western region, began to actively establish railway connections between the regions, and many interesting music and tourist festivals and holidays have appeared.

  • value added tax;
  • income tax and single social security tax;
  • land tax and non-residential property tax;

Return of tourists to Ukraine

However, having spent 3–4 months in captivity many people want to get out of their apartments and the further the better. They will choose the countries that are least affected by the pandemic. The factors that might be most important for tourists will be:

  • safety and hygiene,
  • small number of infected with coronavirus in the country of travel
  • inexpensive countries.

What can Kiev offer foreign tourists?


Prypyat and Chernobyl — these two words became a magnet for many western tourists. According to the Ministry of Ecology, which oversees the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in 2015 about 10 thousand people visited the site, yet during the last year there were 70 thousand visitors, and 75 thousand in 2019. Half of the guests of the closed territory are foreigners.

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Recently issued presidential decree on the development of territories with radioactive contamination also helped exclusion zone to attract new guests.

Kiev Gastro Tour

Foreign tourists are offered to walk around the city center and visit all kinds of Ukrainian restaurants and cafes with a detailed story about the history and culture of Ukrainian gastronomy. Here you will taste Ukrainian borsch, dumplings, Chicken Kiev, and Kiev cake.

Historic Tours

St. Sophia Cathedral is the oldest of the Kiev churches. Visitors can enjoy mosaics and frescoes from 1017–1031 — the period of construction of the cathedral. Make sure to climb the top of 76-meter bell tower, which offers a circular panorama of the historical part of Kiev.



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