The Culture of Ukraine: holidays, traditions, food, people

1. Ukrainian girls declare their love to guys

2. Between hugs and sex in Ukraine

3. Kupala — the night when everything is allowed

4. A glass of virginity

5. Friends helped the groom during the first wedding night

6. Demonstration of virginity

7. Ukrainian woman and blood

8. Vagina — channel into the afterlife

9. Bewitching man with blood

10. Stick in the blood

11. Gates on the roof

12. Egg that shows the way to the treasure

13. Brownie under the armpit

14. Circle protecting from evil forces

15. “Sealed” embroidered cloth

16. Eating from one plate

17. Ax and fear

18. Hay on the floor

19. Funeral Games

20. Goat of the deceased

21. The deceased, who drinks water

22. Hide the way back

23. Picnic on the grave



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