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The easiest way to get to your destination is direct train Kyiv-Lviv. If you chose to first fly from abroad to the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

If you are in Kyiv — Kyiv Tours

The fastest way to get from Kyiv or from anywhere else to Lviv is by plane.

When you are in Lviv — Lviv Tours

To get to the center, use tram — routes №1, №2, №6, №9, №10 connect different parts of the city and its center. Tickets cost $ 0.3 per trip, sold at Lvovelectrotrans and Interpress kiosks; you can also ask tram driver to sell you one. Same as in other cities of Ukraine, minibuses are very popular in Lviv ($0.2 regardless of distance).

  • Since February 2017, Uber has been working in Lviv. The minimum cost of the trip is $0.5.
  • Since recently, there is city bike rental available in Lviv.


If you have a company for the trip, it is better to rent apartment for your group. Well-equipped and with great views, apartments cost starts at $10 per night for 2–4 people.

Hostels in Lviv

City center has dozens of hostels, each with really cool location. If you are looking for quick access to attractions, excellent view of the city and the opportunity to meet similar-minded backpackers, check in at Central Square Hostel (5 Rynok Square). Location in the heart of Lviv in old house, the invariably warm welcome from the owners, who even cook food with you in the kitchen — all this for $8 per day.

Hotels in Lviv

Lviv Hotel (7 Chornovola Avenue). Accommodation at the hotel costs a little more than the hostel — the price for a single room with breakfast is $15 per night. Crossing the avenue, you will find yourself in a large beer restaurant Kumpel — the hardest thimg here is to find your room after few liters of delicious local beer.

Social Events and Entertainment in Lviv

Where to go in Lviv during the day?

Latin Cathedral (1 Catedralna Square) is an architectural monument of several eras, which was originally built as a Gothic, and was completed in the Baroque style. Here you will plunge into the bewitching world of icons, sculptures, stained-glass windows and listen to beautiful organ music.

Observation Decks

The observation deck of the High Castle (Vysokyi Zamok, Ukr. High Castle) is the place with the best views of the old city. If you are not afraid of a long climb, then this is just right. Incredible panoramas of the city fully justify the climb, which can be combined with a walk in the park. Now there is a television center and transmitting tower on the mountain, which can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Where to go in the evening in Lviv?

Lviv residents prefer coffee to strong alcohol and a book to a noisy disco. Therefore, Lviv is not the place to go for nightlife. However, this is perfect place for creativity and inspiration. Moreover, in addition to street musicians, many cafes and bars turn into creative space every night here.

Quick Meals and Snacks

In a gastronomic paradise like Lviv, do not waste your appetite for all kinds of fast food — only if you are walking around the Christmas or Easter fair. Nevertheless, for those who like quick snacks, we still have a couple of places to check out.


Coffee houses should certainly be separate line in your Lviv-to-do-list. In this city making and drinking good coffee has been turned into art. That is why in every cozy nook of Lviv you will find a small coffee shop or even a coffee manufacture. With coffee, you should try the most delicious Ukrainian cheesecake.

Lviv Coffee and Chocolate Tour


The most famous and already quite “poppy” establishment of Lviv is Kryivka (14 Rynok Square). Stylized as a dugout of Ukrainian Insurgent Army, this famous Kneipp is located in one of the cellars of Rynok Square. There is no sign, but it is not difficult to find it — look for hype and entry line. Do not forget the passcode “Glory to Ukraine!” — “Glory to the Heroes!”. This is the only way to enter and get a mead from a guard. Then the most interesting part begins: you look around and really feel like in a dugout from the time of the UI; the waiters in military uniform carry aromatic national meals with interesting names: Fries from Tommy Panas, Dinner of the Wood Gauleiter. The food is very tasty and satisfying and perfectly fits vodka, which is best drunk in a fun and noisy company. If you wanted to buy a T-shirt with the inscription “Goddamned God, I’m not Muscovite,” then you can do it in a gift shop right on the spot.


Pravda Beer Theater (32 Rynok Square) is a pub brewery where you can taste eight types of their fresh-brewed beer with live music. It is worth coming here if you want to drink beer directly at the brewery — it is in this style that the interior is decorated. Guests can also enjoy unusual beer-themed snacks such as caramel hot malt.


When you want a classic shopping experience with all the fashion boutiques at once, head to Kings Cross Leopolis (Striiska Street), the largest mall in Western Ukraine. Here everything is in the familiar scenario: Zara, Bershka, Reserved, Stradivarius — and further down the list. When you get tired of new cloth, you can go to nearby Praktiker or Auchan.


Lviv Old Town Tour is a private walking tour with Lviv local who will take you along the narrow brick streets of the Old City of Lviv and wıll share exciting stories of each amazing attraction. This tour is ideal for those who are for the first time in Lviv and want to see the main attractions and understand the history from A to Z.


In the restaurants of the Lokal chain (which are many themed restaurants in the city), ask for Lokal card, and each time you pay the bill, you will be credited with bonuses that you can use to pay next time.

  • 18 Slovatskogo Street,
  • 1 Rynok Square,
  • 14 Svobody Avenue,
  • 1 Museum Square.

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