How to pronounce Kiev / Kyiv — Advice from Resident of the City


According to Ukrainian spelling, Kyiv is correct option; however, many foreigners still use “Kiev”, which became well established in English during the Soviet era.

How do you pronounce Kiev or Kyiv?

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said they would address foreign media to correct the spelling of the name of Kyiv in English.

Why is this necessary?

Changing the transliteration of Kyiv is important first for the Ukrainians themselves, because this issue has been there for almost 30 years, said Bogdan Azhnyuk, professor, Doctor of Science, director of Institute of Linguistics named after Alexander Potebnya in his interview for Radio NV.


For example, in its articles British The Guardian will write the name of the capital of Ukraine in accordance with the spelling in English — Kyiv.

Yet, UIA objects

At the same time, UIA domestic carrier stated that it would continue to use the name of the city in English as Kiev, and not Kyiv in order not to confuse passengers.

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