20 Things to do in Lviv

1. Climb Lviv City Hall

1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 303 … 398 … 407 — you’re almost there! One has to walk 408 steps in order to appreciate the excellent view of Lviv from the roof of the city hall.

2. Try Masochito Cocktail

Mojito? — No, this is for wimps; in the famous Masoch Cafe Lviv they serve Masochito cocktail.


One of the most popular choices is the Masochito cocktail, and although the ingredients are the same as in usual Mojito, when you drink this cocktail here, it feels like a special secret ingredient is added.

3. Find Lviv lions

Lviv has rightfully earned the title of City of Lions. That is what history and architecture connoisseurs call it. There are four and a half thousand lions in the city! The king of beasts first appeared on the city seal back in 14th century, and since then the number of lions in Lviv has grown steadily. Two lions with shields in their paws guard the entrance to the town hall. City guests like to make photos of them.

  • the highest-placed lion is located on the vault of the High Castle (415 meters above sea level);
  • the largest lion (about 4 meters high) is near the Sykhiv Cemetery;
  • the most “lions’” house is located at 11 Svobody avenue. Here you can see as many as 99 different lions;
  • the oldest guard of the city of Leo can be found in the Italian courtyard. We are talking about the Lorenzovich lion, which was carved in stone in 1591;
  • and on 13 Serbska Street you can see the most ancient coat of arms of the city (1633) depicting a lion

4. Taste Lviv Coffee

They say that coffee is an integral part of Lviv, and this is not surprising, because it is found right under the feet of the city’s residents.

5. Make a wish at the monument to chimneysweeper

Monument to chimneysweeper is located on the roof of the famous Lviv restaurant House of Legends, in the city center on Staroyevreyska Street.

6. Walk around Lychakiv cemetery

Here you will find tombstones and family crypts of the outstanding personalities of Ukraine.

  • Lychakiv Cemetery is one of the sights of Lviv and is in the TOP 10 most visited places.
  • 80 000 UAH is the price for the most expensive place in the Lychakiv Cemetery.
  • The oldest tombstone dates from 1675 and has an inscription in Armenian.

7. Try Lviv chocolate

To taste Lviv chocolate, go to Lviv Handmade Chocolate. This is where this masterpiece is born right before your eyes. Those who have been here before already know that in Lviv they still call chocolate a chockolata. In fact, Lviv sweets have a long history.

8. Attend the jazz festival

Break away to jazz music at one of the best European festivals. Listen to the classics and the latest jazz from around the world.

9. Find the yard of lost toys

In the courtyard of the most ordinary five-story buildings of Lviv, you will find a very unusual exhibition of lost children’s toys.

10. Ride a horse carriage

To plunge into medieval Lviv in full, ride a horse-drawn wagon through the historic sites of the city.

11. Visit Olesko Castle

Tatars surrounded the castle; they attacked unexpectedly and treacherously. Jakub was going crazy. Outside, in a time of terrible storms and showers, there was a battle over his fortress. Then, in the next room, the wife was in labor.

12. Visit the Christmas Market

The Christmas market on the square in front of Lviv Opera House is called “Christmas under one roof”. It aims to unite people from all over the world on this joyous holiday.

13. Try Lviv beer

Learn the secret of this drink, inhale the smell of hops and malt, touch the history of creation and feel the magical taste of beer. On the territory of the old Lviv brewery, you will find very interesting Brewery Museum, which also has an excellent tasting room.

14. Shoot Lenin

In Kryivka, the most famous restaurant in Lviv, you can shoot Lenin or Stalin. The place is located in a secret place on Rynok Square and requires a password to enter.

15. Visit Lviv Opera House

Lviv National Opera is the only Ukrainian theater to be part of the Europa Opera Association. The Mirror Hall of the Theater is a unique space with a gallery and at the same time, it is a venue for various events. Dozens of people can visit this hall during and after watching an opera or ballet.

16. Buy a book at a flea market

For 13 years, they sell used books at the monument to the first printer Ivan Fedorov. Sellers are mostly retired; they lay out used books and magazines, Soviet badges, records and cassettes on cots, stonewalls and just on the ground.

17. Walk up the High Castle

High Castle is a quiet, shady park within walking distance of the city center, on a mountain with panoramic views. There is no Castle; this is how the territory of the hill is called.

18. Try benzinovka (gasoline drink)

Benzinovka is a branded Lviv drink with a strange name, which sometimes misleads inexperienced travelers.

19. Go to the pharmacy

We hope that everything will be all right with you during your trip to Lviv. We invite you to the pharmacy museum. The pharmacy museum in Lviv is a state museum; its 16 halls display a number of exhibits of pharmacy business of the 18–19th century, as well as everyday life of those time.

20. Take a guided tour with local

Lviv is a city you can talk a lot about. It can be called a city of legend, little Paris, a cozy burgher province. This is an amazing symbiosis of the cultural capital with unique architectural monuments. In fact, the city itself is open-air museum.

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