20 Things to do in Lviv

1. Climb Lviv City Hall

2. Try Masochito Cocktail


3. Find Lviv lions

  • the highest-placed lion is located on the vault of the High Castle (415 meters above sea level);
  • the largest lion (about 4 meters high) is near the Sykhiv Cemetery;
  • the most “lions’” house is located at 11 Svobody avenue. Here you can see as many as 99 different lions;
  • the oldest guard of the city of Leo can be found in the Italian courtyard. We are talking about the Lorenzovich lion, which was carved in stone in 1591;
  • and on 13 Serbska Street you can see the most ancient coat of arms of the city (1633) depicting a lion

4. Taste Lviv Coffee

5. Make a wish at the monument to chimneysweeper

6. Walk around Lychakiv cemetery

  • Lychakiv Cemetery is one of the sights of Lviv and is in the TOP 10 most visited places.
  • 80 000 UAH is the price for the most expensive place in the Lychakiv Cemetery.
  • The oldest tombstone dates from 1675 and has an inscription in Armenian.

7. Try Lviv chocolate

8. Attend the jazz festival

9. Find the yard of lost toys

10. Ride a horse carriage

11. Visit Olesko Castle

12. Visit the Christmas Market

13. Try Lviv beer

14. Shoot Lenin

15. Visit Lviv Opera House

16. Buy a book at a flea market

17. Walk up the High Castle

18. Try benzinovka (gasoline drink)

19. Go to the pharmacy

20. Take a guided tour with local

Contact to Book Lviv Private Tour:




Private Guide in Kiev: https://guideme.com.ua +380660679089 whatsapp

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Kate Dobromishev

Kate Dobromishev

Private Guide in Kiev: https://guideme.com.ua +380660679089 whatsapp

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